Primary School Digital Program

how it works

The Dhinewan Mentoring School Program has been streamlined on a digital learning platform for students and teachers and offers a complete solution for primary schools providing online learning experiences in Aboriginal Culture, Wellbeing and Leadership with outcomes that are aligned to the Australian National Curriculum.

The digital program provides flexibility and accessibility in the classroom and can be implemented anytime during classes that are suitable for teachers. The program takes students on a journey of cultural learning and brings real-life learning experiences into the classroom with the use of educational video’s which are supported by a variety of interactive activities to engage students throughout each workshop.

Each workshop is structured into 3 parts with 20 minute activities to explore each topic and can be facilitated by teachers with minimal preparation.

The Digital Program

  • 32 Workshops
  • Workshops consist of 3x 4minute videos and 2x 20 minute activities – approximately 52 minutes
  • Over 430 minutes of educational content
  • Interactive Activities (Dance, Craft, Games etc)
  • Student Activity Worksheets (Stages 1 – 3)
  • Teacher’s Guide & Notes
  • Tiered Membership options for both Teachers (1 -2 Login’s) and Schools (3 – 6 Licence)
  • Full Support

The workshop videos are facilitated by our director Jonathan Wright and also features the following guests;

  • Dr Raymond Kelly – University of Newcastle
  • Dean Kelly – National Parks & Wildlife
  • Louise Campbell – Catholic Diocese
  • Tegan Murdock – Ngumpie Weaving

The program is approved by numerous AECG regions including Central Coast and Lake Macquarie.

Watch. Learn. Engage.

Bringing real-life learning experiences into your classroom