What we do

Our programs are developed for primary and high schools to take participants on a journey of personal growth and positive thinking, within the framework of culture, wellbeing and leadership. We share stories and discover the importance of identity, learn about all aspects of wellbeing and take the steps to become great leaders through interactive activities.

Dhinewan Mentoring’s programs have been developed in conjunction with accredited Aboriginal Teachers and Educators in line with the Australian curriculum syllabus outcomes.

We also provide experiences and workshops for community events and organisations.

Experiences Include

Bush Tucker  •  Aboriginal Art  •  Weaving  •  Boomerang/Nulla Nulla Throwing  •  Traditional Dance  •  Traditional Indigenous Games  •  Artefacts  •  Yidaki Workshop  •  Story Telling  •  Leadership and Wellbeing

Coming Soon

We are excited to be working on a partnership to provide Cultural and Leadership camps set amongst 19 hectares of National Bushland. Please register your interest and we can provide more information once these workshops are available.

Digital School Programs

School Digital Program

From $89 per month

  • 8 workshops per term
  • 50 minute duration
  • Annual school membership
  • Program paid annually

Workshop Overview

Dhinewan Mentoring has developed a whole school Aboriginal culture, wellbeing and leadership program which is aligned with the Australian curriculum. This Digital program is a complete solution offering 32 video resource workshops annually which can simply be displayed on the classroom smartboard. It is for primary school children and their teachers from Stages 1 – 3.

The program takes participants on a journey of cultural learning and personal growth through the use of video resources that use a variety of interactive activities to engage students throughout each workshop.

Each workshop is structured to be self-sufficient and can be facilitated by teachers with minimal preparation. Workshops are divided into 3 parts with interactive activities in between to evaluate and strengthen students comprehension. The workshops are completed in sequence and content is updated annually based on a 3-year cycle.

The program brings real-life learning experiences into the classroom proving students with a virtual experience which is fun and engaging.

School Workshops

Primary School Term Program


  • 1 hour sessions
  • 1 session per week
  • 8 week program

Workshop Overview

The term program is an 8-week program providing experiences in traditional dance, art, artefacts, bush tucker and traditional indigenous games. Connecting family and identity through dreaming and storytelling. Through these experiences, we encourage self-belief and experiential learning to promote a greater understanding and confidence.

Students will have the opportunity to explore their creativity in each of these areas and learn to appreciate the meaning and values of the culture. Meeting students cultural needs ensures a sense of belonging and identity, to help them in achieving their own aspirations with a greater sense of purpose.

Primary School Annual Program


  • 1 hour sessions
  • 1 session per week
  • 32 week program

Workshop Overview

The annual program is a sustainable long term collaborative approach and an extension of the term program providing experiences in culture, leadership and wellbeing. The extended version provides continuity and comprehensive learning experience with greater outcomes and personal development.

Our programs focus to empower participants to reach their full potential. Through inspiration and self-belief, we can all achieve personal growth and life success. This also creates a foundation for making healthier lifestyle choices and in turn leads to productive working lives and families, building strong and resilient communities.

Cultural Workshops

Cultural Experiences


  • School bookings

Workshop Overview

Learn about the worlds oldest living culture.

We invite you to experience the beautiful country we walk on by understanding our connection to the land, our dreaming stories, songlines and traditional practices.

Our experienced facilitators will share their knowledge and stories about artefacts, traditional dance, customs, the dreaming, tools, art, bush tucker and bush medicine.

We are committed and passionate about preserving our culture and passing down stories to future generations.

Professional Development

Professional Development


  • 10 people minimum
  • Group booking

Workshop Overview

Through our professional development and cultural awareness training, we aim to engage participants to further their knowledge in the cultural and value systems of Aboriginal people. Participants will develop an understanding of cultural traditions and the historical context of Aboriginal peoples. How it contributes to the understanding of Australian society and to the reconciliation of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Exploring practical aspects of Aboriginal Cultural Education provides a useful guide for working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. It explores common myths and misconceptions and addresses issues such as personal presentation and conduct, communication, roles, responsibilities, obligations, working within the kinship network, and respect for cultural protocols.

The workshop includes team building and interactive activities to enhance your learning experience and create a positive environment everyone will love.