School Mentoring & Digital Program Bundle


Bringing Real-Life Learning Experiences Into Your Classroom

The Dhinewan Mentoring Digital Program is a continuation of the school mentoring program and has been streamlined on a digital learning platform for students and teachers. It provides real-life learning experiences in cultural learning, wellbeing and leadership for primary schools with outcomes that are aligned to the Australian National Curriculum. The learning platform brings an interactive, flexible and fun learning experience into the classroom and supports teachers implementing Aboriginal education.

The workshops consist of educational video’s which are supported by a variety of interactive activities to engage students throughout. Following each video, students will complete a 20 minute activity, allowing deeper exploration into each topic. These activities range from drawing, craft, movement, games and more. Teachers will need to review the activity, materials and what space is required for the workshop. The digital program provides flexibility and accessibility in the classroom and can be implemented anytime during classes that are suitable for teachers.


  • My Totem, My Spirit
  • Stringy Bark, Feathers + Bark
  • Kinship
  • Tool Making


  • In The Beginning
  • Connection to Ceremonies & Songlines
  • Mother Earth
  • Weaving & Tools


  • Passing on a Message
  • Stories Through Art & Dance
  • Rhythm, Beat & Sounds


  • Hunt & Gather
  • How We Lived & Survived
  • Gratitude
  • On Land & Water

*Workshops are subject to change without notice